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Birthday cakes date back to ancient times, however, the cakes were very different back then.

Ancient Egyptians were the first to show advanced baking skills.  The later tradition of birthday cakes started in Germany in the middle Ages. The Germans made a cake of sweetened bread dough, in the shape of baby Jesus to celebrate His birthday.

The art of baking kept developing through the ages, but it was not until the middle 19th century that cakes as we know them was created.

The first icing used on cakes was made from a boiled combination of sugar and egg whites. This icing was poured on the cakes, and put back into the oven to bake for a while. The baked cake and icing was then cooled down quickly to create a icing like covering.

Today, birthday cakes take on different shapes and sizes, and form the centre of any birthday party.


Our cakes

No party or celebration, be it a children's birthday party, kitchen tea, or even an adults party is complete without a birthday or celebration cake.

We believe that just like the party, every cake should be unique. All cakes are created to a customer's individual requirements.

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